Here’s what clients are saying:

“I like Dr Cortney very much.”

As a retired NP and homeopath I was delighted to receive such terrific and professional treatment! A real find. Thank you. ~ DR T

“Dr. Cortney keeps me out of the E.R.”

Before I started seeing Dr. Cortney, I was in the ER every week for shots for pain. Since I started seeing her, I have not been back to the ER since. Her gentle technique really works! ~ Deb S.


“A true professional.”

Happy to have found you! ~ Michael M.


“Kind care and expertise.”

My wife drives 125 miles each way to see Dr. Cortney. She appreciates how Dr. Cortney listens and gently adjusts what needs to be adjusted. ~ Greg M.


“Truly cares about her patients.”

Dr. Manix has helped me tremendously with my lower and upper back pain. She helped me figure out that using my ipad in bed at night is causing the problem! I highly recommend her. ~ Marjorie R.

Compassionate Chiropractor.”

I saw Dr. Cortney at Woodcock Clinic in Guilford. I re-injured my low back and stopped in the new office for an appointment. While I was waiting to schedule, Cortney came out. She had a few minutes, so she took me back. Within 10 minutes I left feeling better. She really cares about her patients. ~ Paul F.


“I heal and feel better!”

Three years ago I was in severe pain from TMJ, suffered from Asthma, Acid Reflux and Allergies. Cortney’s gentle touch allows me to live a better quality of life. I breathe better and am in little to no pain. My family and I could not live without her! ~Kerry H.